Investment date:

December 2012

April 2015

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  • DeltalPro is the largest dental care group in Italy with a network of dental clinics, about 160 active as of August 2019, mainly located in shopping malls; sales over €160m and Ebitda of ca. €35m in 2018

  • VAM initially invested €2.3m in the company when it was only managing 3 clinics. In April 2015, the US-based fund Summit Partners took over a 60% stake, with a buyout that saw returns for VAM of around 6x MM and the simultaneous re-investment of €13.6m by VAM, which held a 21% stake of the company. In the context of the recent acquisitions, VAM invested additional €2.3m in 2016

  • In May 2017, BC Partners, a leading international private equity firm, acquired DentalPro for an enterprise value of over €350m. VAM realized returns of around 3.5x MM and reinvested alongside BC Partners